World-renowned, suitable for all espresso and filter coffee lovers. The legendary AeroPress.


The AeroPress is an incredibly versatile tool that will meet the expectations of beginners and coffee connoisseurs alike. It combines the advantages of the French Press method, the filter and the traditional espresso, making the preparation of aromatic coffee very simple and fast.

In addition, the machine allows you to explore the unlimited flavours of coffee by experimenting with brewing time, water temperature and fine or coarse ground beans. This method produces up to 250 ml of coffee at a time and the whole process takes just a few minutes. The Aeropress is unique because it is small and lightweight, so you can brew your coffee anywhere. Another advantage is that the machine is made of durable material that is easy to maintain.

Aeropress is currently considered one of the most interesting alternative ways of brewing coffee. Championships are held all over the world, crowned by the AeroPress World Championships.

AeroPress and te beans for coffee preparaton you can order from us, and if you wish, we can also grind your coffee for you to brew in the AeroPress.

James Hoffmann, of course, took care of the entire preparation process. Watch it in the video below.

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AeroPress, 350 papirnatih filtrov, palčka za mešanje kave, merica za kavo, držalo za filter.