Brasil - Caparao whole beans


Coletivo coffee comes from the highest coffee-growing area in Brazil, the Caparao Mountains.


Coletivo coffee comes from the highest coffee-growing area in Brazil, the Caparao Mountains.

This micro-region surrounds a Brazilian national park, which is situated around the Pico de Bandeira (2892 masl), Brazil's third highest mountain. The region is defined by small family farms, a traditional approach to coffee production and top quality coffee with a unique aroma. The name Caparao comes from the language of the Tupi Indian tribe and can be literally translated as: water that rolls stones. And indeed, the Caparao mountain is full of crystalline water springs that ensure that our coffees are properly watered. As it is part of a national park, all agricultural methods are in harmony with nature.Translated with (free version)

Coletivo coffee is grown at altitudes between 1000 and 1300 masl. The varieties used to produce this coffee are among the highest quality Arabica beans available: Yellow and Red Bourbon and Yellow and Red Catuai. All the coffee is hand-selectively harvested in August 2021 at the ripest stage of the fruit to ensure sweetness. The coffee is then dried for three to four weeks in the traditional natural method on raised beds or cement terraces.

Once they reach the desired humidity, the coffee cherries are hermetically sealed for two months to unify their flavours and stabilise their water activity. The cherries were then removed and used to fertilise the soil, and the coffee beans were sent to the port of Koper. As you can see, instead of large homogeneous machine-picked lots, the unique sensory profile of Coletivo is created by combining smaller lots.

Thus, Coletivo proudly reflects the terroir of the Caparao mountain micro-region. With respect for nature and elegance in the cup. A clean and stable sensory profile with a medium body, when in the mouth it recalls caramel and nuts and honey. At a lighter roast, the complexity of its flavours and a hint of citric acid are more vividly felt. If you opt for a darker roast, you will create a stronger body accompanied by a rich chocolate flavour.

Coletivo is particularly suitable for espresso and Turkish extraction, and also as a filter coffee if roasted lighter.

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1000m, 1241m




Bourbon, Catuai

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🍫, 🌰, 🍯

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Brasil - Caparao whole beans